Assisted Living - The Pilot : Download PDF here

Read the pilot of my dramedy TV series 'Assisted Living'. Also available on
Eternally stoned dreamer turned reluctant care nurse Natalie, struggles to prove her real world value under the scrutiny of bitchy widows and horny HCAs at a dead-end elderly care home in North-East London.​
Natalie hasn’t a clue what she’s doing and she’s fed up of trying to hide it. Rejected from film school and having sold her camera for weed, Natalie arrives at this moment, a reluctant care nurse with half a diploma and 20 grand of student debt, on the doorstep of Four Acres Residential, a dead-end care home in Suburban London, a place with problems even more exaggerated than her own.
Keen to take her mind off her messy mental state and prove her value, Natalie tries to cure the home of its collective depression while a trio of octogenarian mean girls tries to marry her off, a feminist spinster pushes her to pursue her dreams and a couple of horny colleagues just plain try it on. Amidst bingo outings, cupcake fundraisers and high flirtations, Natalie finds that even if she can’t 'do' everyone, she can definitely do herself.
All Accolades & Coverage: 
Creative World Awards (2018) - Semi Finalist
Future Femme Fest (2018) - Official Selection

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